Adams: Straphangers are just ‘feeling unsafe’

The city’s beleaguered subway system surpassed last year’s total of riders being violently shoved from the platform with at least 25 people being victimized this year, according to NYPD statistics.

Meanwhile, Mayor Eric Adams downplayed the latest subway attack Wednesday by suggesting that an overwhelming majority of riders emerge unscathed. He doubled-down on his controversial TV interview last week where he blamed the news media for creating “the perception of fear” by putting reports about violent subway crimes “on the front pages of your paper every day,” saying Wednesday that anxious straphangers were just “feeling unsafe.”

A total of 22 people have been shoved in the subway system as of Oct. 16 and another three subway attacks have occurred since then, law enforcement sources said.

Last year, the city tallied a grand total of 21 subway shoves as of Oct. 16.

Two of the subway attacks resulted in deaths this year, including on Oct. 17 when a father of three was knocked onto the subway tracks and fatally struck by a train in Queens.

“We’re going to deal with those crimes that take place and we’re going to continue to work on those six felony crimes a day that we’re witnessing,” he said during an unrelated news conference at Manhattan’s Pier 36 on Wednesday.

“But I know that 3.5 million people use our system every day without any encounters.”

Hizzoner continued: “That’s the combination: those type of incidents are impacting people feeling unsafe.”

On Saturday, Adams and Gov. Kathy Hochul said they were adding 1,200 NYPD and MTA Police overtime shifts daily to increase safety in the subway system.

Many see this as a short-term fix, since it is believed the additional overtime shifts will end after election day.


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