Zeldin stood tall in 2022 state election

Here are some takeaways in New York state from the election last week.

New York state lost 550,000 residents since 2020 election. Gov Kathy Hochul beat challenger Rep. Lee Zeldin by 350,000. So it shows how great a job Zeldin did.

Another feather in the Zeldin cap is that every congressional district in the state recorded more Republican votes than in 2020, despite overall voters tallies were lower.

Hochul won NYC, Albany, Syracuse, Rochester and Buffalo by a slight margin while losing most of the state by a small margin.

Long Island went for Zeldin at a slightly higher margin over Hochul, while and Westchester voted for Hochul in a small majority.

Republicans made inroads in congressional races as well as state Senate and the Assembly in Albany. The biggest race were: Mike Lawler’s win over Sean Patrick Maloney, who was in the Democratic leadership in Congress and George Santos’s win over Robert Zimmerman for Rep. Tom Suozzi’s seat in D.C.


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