MTA is not ‘fare’ to its commuters

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority and its Chairman Janno Lieber has the answer to the agency’s $500-million-a-year fare beater problem. They want to spend $2 billion on jumper-proof turnstiles.

I say you can get the same results with a $45,000 a year cop, who is allowed to stop fare beaters. Not only will he stop turnstile jumpers, but he will take some guns off the street and stop other crimes from happening on the subway.

This is sound policing. Give them back the right to stop and question turnstile jumpers and a host of arrests for other crimes can occur.

Jumper-proof turnstiles cannot fix what is wrong with NYC subways and neither is banning criminals from using the subway, which is unenforceable.

No the problem is not allowing NYPD to do its job of enforcing existing laws. When you nab a fare beater, there is a good chance you have the perp on a host of other charges they may face from prior incidences.

There is no need to spend $2 billion on jumper-proof turnstiles or retro-fit platforms with gates to prevent people from being pushed onto the tracks. Just allow NYPD to do their job and the subways will be safer for commuters and the MTA employees.

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