Hochul ignores migrant crisis in State of the State speech

Gov. Kathy Hochul did not think it was too important to raise the issue of immigration during her State of the State speech.

“In my State of the State, there’s hundreds of other proposals for talking about. I was focusing on my key signature areas that have broad, statewide interest — housing, mental health challenges, the childcare and the minimum wage,” she told reporters about her speech covering topics from rising crime to community gardens.

No, being the good Democrat that she is — how else would get her to her current position — Hochul would not criticized the Biden administration for their botched efforts at the border.

Hochul could not even blame Republicans in the efforts to stem the invasion by shipping the illegal aliens to New York City because it would come back to bite Dems on the ass.

Hochul claims the issue is not important to most New Yorkers, despite Mayor Eric Adams declaring that the ongoing arrival of tens of thousands of people bussed from other states like Texas could bankrupt the Big Apple considering the cost of housing them.

“This is an expensive endeavor that we are in and we have to find ways of carrying out this task without bankrupting the city,” he said.

Republican state Sen. George Borrello (R-Jamestown) believes that Hochul has her reasons for keeping migrants out of the limelight during her State of the State address while making her arguments about other controversial issues like possible changes to bail reform.

“I think it’s a negative for her no matter how she approaches it. Eric Adams is calling it a crisis that is having a huge negative impact on NYC. But she knows the progressives support the idea of a sanctuary city,” he said.


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