Adams to bus illegal aliens to upstate towns

Mayor Eric Adams is taking a page out of the Republican’s playbook when it comes to illegal immigrants.

Adams is looking to bus some of the 40,200 migrants that have arrived since the spring to upstate New York cities.

In her State-of-the-State speech Gov. Kathy Hochul failed to mention the migrant influx in the city.

On Tuesday, Hochul made no mention of the city’s spiraling migrant crisis while laying out her agenda for nearly 50 minutes and later defended the omission by saying the issue wasn’t important outside the Big Apple.

City Hall said Monday that it hadn’t yet heard whether Hochul would grant Adams’ desperate plea to take some of the migrants off his hands.

A Hochul spokesman declined to comment beyond remarks the governor made Sunday, when she told reporters she’d spoken to Adams earlier in the day.

“I told the mayor we will be continuing to help him. We’ve been helping him for many months and will continue to give him support,” Hochul said.

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