Why NYC has to suffer for Memphis death?

Can anyone explain to me how the five black Memphis police officers, who were charged with beating Tyre Nichols to death, warrants destroying businesses in New York City?

“Do you think cause you were black we wouldn’t say nothing?” fumed Al Sharpton while speaking at a rally to more than 100 people at his National Action Network headquarters in Harlem on Sunday.

“Did you think that you’d hide behind your blackness?”

“I want to say loud and clear that we will fight black cops, white cops, any color cops that commit crimes against us, ” he added.

“Your blackness ain’t gonna stop us from fighting you. These five cops not only disgrace their badges — they disgrace our race.”

Sharpton also maintained the cops would not have been so aggressive with a white man.

“These black guys thought they could get away with it doing it to a black guy,” Sharpton said. “You know you couldn’t get away with doing that in Tennessee to a white guy. You’ll find out you ain’t getting away with it doing it to a black guy.”

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