Trump takes Biden to the woodshed over State of the Union speech

Former President Donald Trump ripped into President Joe Biden on social media after the former’s State of the Union speech Tuesday night.

Trump gave Biden credit for ending the speech “far stronger than he began” – a possible reference to Biden incorrectly calling Sen. Chuck Schumer the Senate minority leader early in his speech.

“Look, he worked hard tonight, it’s not a natural thing for him, it never was, and never will be, but you’ve got to give him credit for trying. I disagree with him on most of his policies, but he put into words what he felt, and he ended up the evening far stronger than he began. Give him credit for that,” Trump said in a Truth Social post where he shared his official rebuttal.

“Over the past two years under Biden, millions and millions of illegal aliens from 160 different countries have stormed across our southern border. Drug cartels are now raking in billions of dollars from smuggling poison to kill our people and to kill our children, savage killers, rapists and violent criminals are being released from jail to continue their crime wave,” Trump argues, before shifting to economic issues.

“Biden and the radical Democrats have wasted trillions of dollars and caused the worst inflation in half a century. Real wages are down 21 months in a row. Gas prices have soared. And are now going up much higher than even before and the typical American family is paying $2,200 in increased energy and food costs each year,” Trump said.

“Joe Biden’s weaponized Justice Department – and I’m a victim of it – is persecuting his political opponents. His administration is waging war on free speech. And on top of all of that he’s the most corrupt president in American history. And it’s not even close,” Trump said.

To close his rebuttal, Trump offered an optimistic vision for what the US would be like under a second Trump term. 

“We are going to reverse every single crisis, calamity, and disaster that Joe Biden has created. I am running for president to end the destruction of our country and to complete the unfinished business of making America great again. We will make our country better than ever before, and we will always put America first,” Trump’s short speech concluded. 

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