Woke Albany pol want to ban youth football

Just in time for the Super Bowl progressive lawmakers in Albany introduced a bill this week banning children under age 12 from being able to play organized tackle football.

Assemblyman Michael Benedetto (D-Bronx) wants to sack the kids because he feels youth football programs have not done enough to combat head injuries like youth soccer and hockey.

“Those sports have recognized the inherent danger that is in that sports and they’re trying to protect young kids,” Benedetto said.

“Football hasn’t done that yet and so when they don’t do it, there’s a responsibility of us in government to try to protect those kids.”

Personally I don’t believe Benedetto has ever watched a Pee Wee football game. None of the players are using their helmets as a weapon. They all run in slow motion with heads held high, just getting use to playing with equipment on.

Since playing youth football is a personal choice that families make, progressive Democrats should not be butting in with their mandates. No child is forced to participate.

Instead of taking care of important issues like bail reform, progressives have to inject their wrong-headed, woke initiatives on average New Yorkers.

Hey Benedetto, you want to protect kids? Let’s start by banning drag queen story hours in public schools and libraries. That’s how you protect kids.


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