Adams hurts NYC children so he can play ball in Albany

New York City Mayor Eric Adams did not push back against Albany’s teachers’ union push to squash more charter schools in the state.

Adams told legislators that opening more charter schools in the city, which are publicly funded, privately run schools to open in the Big Apple would cost the city $1 billion — a figure that was quickly pounced on by charter opponents at the hearing.

“Increasing the cap on charter schools in New York City, as you stated, will impose a severe financial burden on the City of New York.”  Sen. John Liu (D-Queens) said while being in the pockets of the teachers’ union.

“It’s something I adamantly oppose, lifting of that cap,” the senator said, before adding gleefully: “It’s good to hear you’re kind of opposed also.”

Adams did not try to correct Liu since Adams has supported charter schools in the past,

“Is that a question?” Adams said.

“Nope. There’s no question. You don’t have to say anything. You already said what you need to say here,” Liu said.

Adams then sought to clarify his position but took a neutral position on charter schools.

“I’m clear on scaling up successful schools, and I’m not attached to charter, district, public, private [schools]. … Scaling up successful schools is what I believe in.

“What I did today was point out what the cost is for New York City, which we believe could be a billion dollars. But we have a real school crisis in producing a quality of a product our children deserve and I support scaling up good schools.”

Liu replied, “I know many of my colleagues in the legislature want to help you not bear the burden of this additional imposed cost.”

Through his testimony Adams threw thousands of kids in the city from getting a better education with his demurred comments about charter schools in order to let Albany Democrats bolster their pro teachers’ union.

And that is just a shame on him.


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