Sliwa eyes Astoria as next Republican battleground

Newly invigorated Republicans in Queens are looking to strike at the heart of the socialist movement in New York City — the neighborhoods currently represented by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and City Councilwoman Tiffany Caban.

“We’re going into the belly of the beast of the Democratic Socialists of America in New York City,” said Curtis Sliwa, the former GOP mayoral candidate behind the creation of the Ronald Reagan Republican Club in Astoria.

“We’re going to take on AOC and Caban,” added Sliwa.

Sliwa vowed Republicans will run a candidate against Caban this year and AOC next year, with the goal of forming an alliance with moderate Democrats who believe the pols are out of touch on issues such as crime and taxes.

“This is Concord and Lexington,” said Sliwa, the Guardian Angels founder said, referring to the first two battles of the American Revolution. “We’re talking to regular people in Astoria. They don’t support defunding the police and defunding the jails.”  

While the demographics of Astoria and Long Island City have changed over the last decades from Greek and Italian immigrant homeowners to younger, college-educated and tech-savvy residents with left-leaning views as sleek new condos that have sprung up across the area, one of the leaders of the new GOP club in Astoria, Marie Lynch, believes the area is ready for change.

“We have to be the alternative to all the craziness. Let the police do their jobs. Don’t defund the police,” she said.

We Republicans in eastern Queens welcome them and wish them luck.


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