Queens Dem has deep pockets for anti school choice

Figures released on Tuesday show the math behind why State Sen. John Liu, the chairman of the New York City Education Committee, is so vehemently against school choice.

The Queens Democrat has taken in $33,300 of campaign contributions from New York’s teachers’ union and its political action committee, since his first Senate race in 2018.

The New York State United Teachers union — along with its NYC’s subsidiary, the United Federation of Teachers — and its Voice of Teachers for Education PAC where the biggest contributors, according the state Board of Elections data.

“What’s wrong with John Liu? He got a good education at the Bronx High School of Science,” said Rev. Ruben Diaz, a former state senator and founder of the pro-charter Hispanic Clergy Association on Tuesday.

“He took advantage of it. What about the black and Hispanic kids?” Diaz fumed, referring to the majority of pupils who have been flocking to the city’s charters.

Yiatin Chu, founder and president of the city’s Asian Wave Alliance political club, said of Liu he is “the only Asian parent I know of who is against charter schools.”

In a statement, Liu’s spokesman said his boss believes that the cap on city charter schools “has historically served to strike the balance between giving parents so-called ‘choice’ and the city’s constitutional obligation to keep public schools open.”

Spokesman Scott Sieber said that balance “should not be upset, especially now when student enrollment in charter schools and public schools has declined markedly.”

Sieber also said Liu “has proudly accepted campaign support from the teachers union for many years while steadfastly declining much larger contribution offers from deep-pocketed charter bank rollers.”


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