NYC teachers’ union woke/broke week so far

Fresh off of the day — on Monday — when the United Federation of Teachers, which represents more than 190,000 teachers, paraprofessional educators and child care workers in the five boroughs was forced to canceled a virtual “Holding the Weight of Whiteness” seminar, the embattled union set out to hurt children further yesterday.

The city teachers’ union led by Michael Mulgrew filed a lawsuit Tuesday to try to block charters from sharing public school sites.

The city teachers’ union leadership could not be more anti-education of the city’s children if they tried.

The union’s management backs drag story hour, and blocks any opportunity to give our children better educational options.

These mostly Democrats members join with their cohorts in Albany to take away educational changes while state legislators slash funding for better outcomes for school kids.

Democratic state lawmakers are digging in their heels against Gov. Kathy Hochul’s plan to increase caps to allow more charter schools to open in New York City despite the better testing scores found in these non-union schools.

State Sen. Robert Jackson (D-Manhattan) introduced legislation that if approved, would make it nearly impossible for charter schools to afford to rent space in privately owned buildings. Ironically, Jackson sends one of his own daughters to the posh, private $56,250-a-year Dwight School on the Upper West Side in Manhattan, yet he has long resisted charter schools as an option for poor and working-class minority parents.

Let’s not forget the city teachers’ union has also been vehemently against school choice as well, despite the better educational outcome achieved.

Despite that, student populations for Catholic schools in Brooklyn and Queens have been growing since CoVid-19 for many reasons even for non-Catholics looking for a better education.


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