There’s room at the inn for migrants in Bayside

The Anchor Inn on Northern Boulevard in Bayside has become the latest to become the latest hotel site in Queens to be used as “sanctuary” shelters to house the never-ending flood of southern-border migrants, according to City Councilwoman Vickie Paladino.

Paladino said she received “less than eight hours’ notice” from local officials that the hotel in her district had been converted into an emergency migrant shelter

“Make no mistake, I will continue to work to have this site closed at the earliest possible opportunity,” Paladino said of the Anchor Inn in her district.

“This action was taken with no community input or transparency, which is unacceptable.”

“We’re spending billions that we simply do not have, all thanks to totally misguided open borders and sanctuary policies. Every New Yorker suffers because of this — especially immigrant communities which are already struggling with employment and housing issues,” the Republican councilwoman wrote in a tweet.

More than 34,600 migrants are currently being cared for by the city, according to Mayor Eric Adams’ office.

The Anchor Inn will function as a shelter for the foreseeable future, not as a commercial hotel, a staffer also confirmed.

“We are not taking customers right now,” a source at the hotel said.

The Anchor Inn already has taken in 30 migrants and is expecting to shelter 70 more.



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