Big Apple using Apple’s AirTags to combat stolen cars

Mayor Eric Adams has given up on the NYPD task force and decided to employ Apple AirTags as the city’s response to stole cars.

While the mayor urged New Yorkers to make use of such devices, Adams also said the Association for Better New York had donated 500 of them for cops to hand out.

“We’re going to be handing them out in this precinct, which is really spiking in grand larceny autos,” Adams said from the Castle Hill Library in the Bronx.

“The aggravated number of grand larceny autos continues to drive up crime in our city,” said Adams, joined by police officials, at a press conference, while noting that other major crimes — such as shootings, homicides and robberies and larcenies — have been on the downturn.

“This simple device, this simple AirTag, hidden in a car location that a person is not aware, of is an excellent tracking device,” Adams said. “It’s easy to monitor. You can see in real-time where the vehicle is located.”

Car thefts in the Big Apple have been on the rise, with the number spiking to 4,492 through April 23 this year compared to 3,966 over the same period last year — a more than 13% increase.

There was no mention of how to stop stolen catalytic converters, one of which was taken from my car last week in Queens.

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