When Harry met silly

Hell it just can”t be me who is so tired of this royal fascination with the royal family hangers on in New York City.

Rupert Murdoch brings in his an editor from Wapping — formerly Fleet Street — and all we see is Harry and Meghan all over the papers.

We fought a war not to put up with this BS.

Now, the story is how paparazzi chased them in Midtown Manhattan causing them harm, unlike the scene that killed Harry’s mother.

Please spare me the misery of even caring about these individuals more than anyone else

As British columnist Douglas Murray writes, “It is understandable if Harry fears the paparazzi, and car chases in particular.  

But he doesn’t need to invent such things to get sympathy from people over the death of his mother.

But in Harry and Meghan land nothing can be done without drama, exaggeration and lies. 

They are the most privacy-seeking publicity-seekers that even this city has seen.”

As New Yorkers we should deny our allegiance to the crown with all our strength.

I worked for Murdoch for 30 years and I did that regardless of who the editor was and whether they were from Britain or Australia.

If you are a historian of royal history you should believe that Harry and Meghan should go the way of King Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson and slip into the night so gently.

Please don’t try to recreate your mother’s death while traveling 15 miles an hour in Midtown Manhattan.


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