Adams’ state of the city had Albany as his scapegoat

NYC Mayor Eric Adams delivered his second “State of the City” speech Thursday, focusing on some large issues that affect the quality of life and pointed his finger at Albany pols as the root of his problems.

Adams again stressed the importance of striking down the bail reform, urging Gov. Kathy Hochul — who was in attendance — to work with him and not against him.

The mayor vowed to crack down on the 1,700 repeat offenders whom he blamed for committing “a disproportionate amount of violent crime in our city.”

“These are New York’s ‘Most Wanted.’ We know who they are, and we need to get them off our streets,” he said.

“This year, we are going to work with our partners in Albany to find reasonable, evidence-based solutions to this recidivism crisis.”

“We should also agree that we cannot allow a small number of violent individuals to continue terrorizing our neighborhoods over and over again,” he added.

Adams also spoke about the rat infestation in the city, despite his receiving many tickets on the property in Brooklyn, vowing to name a “rat czar” to handle the situation.

“And it won’t be Curtis Sliwa,” he quipped, in a dig at the Guardian Angels founder, who was recently caught trying to employ feral cats for the problem near Adams’ Bedford-Stuyvesant property.