Hump Days in 2021 don’t bring good news so far

Wednesdays have really become a super Hump Day so far this year.


  • The first Wednesday of 2021 brought a massive riot at the US Capitol Building.
  • The second Wednesday of 2021 had President Trump impeached by the House of Representatives.
  • The third Wednesday of 2021 saw Joe Biden inaugurated.
  • Last Wednesday the GameStop short squeeze made headlines all over the globe.

So what lies ahead for today?

One thing is for certain, we will not see a Covid-19 relief bill passed. This despite here in New York we are nearing the 11-month anniversary of the “two week lock down to fallen the curve”.

Why would we want to end lock downs? Amazon on Tuesday reported blockbuster revenue and income numbers that blew Wall Street estimates out of the water. Why let Main Street open? Amazon shares are up 4.2 percent for the month.

By the way, the executive replacing Jeff Bezos as CEO at Amazon is Andy Jassy, CEO of Amazon Web Services. This is the same man who took down earlier this month through the service provider he headed.

So let’s keep an eye out today to see what this Hump Day brings.