The Fed’s $14B bazooka bailed out stocks three weeks ago

Earlier this month, on the morning of Feb. 7th, I wrote about their being something rotten in the markets.

The day prior the Dow Jones index moved 1,167 points intraday. I wrote at the time the Plunge Protection Team’s fingerprints were all over the move. Continue reading


Gold, bitcoin loving the sturm und drang of markets

Before you could figure out how the market would react this morning to flat retail sales for the holiday quarter, Dow futures were up bigly on Wednesday.

Then before you could look up the definition of inflation this morning, the market was down “bigerly” on the Consumer Price Index report. Continue reading

Stocks, bitcoin moving higher as volatility is quelled

Please excuse the sporadic posting, still in great pain as a result of my spinal surgery.

Stock markets around the world are back to rally mode with the exception of Japan.

The Olympic euphoria has even creeped into the cryptos with bitcoin up 10% for the day. Continue reading

Dow volatility may soon rival bitcoin’s price moves


What the hell is going on in the stock market this week?

The Dow Jones index had a 1,000 point or 3% ride on Friday before settling up 330 points up 1.4%. over the course of the 5 days of trading there was a 6% range from highs to lows. Continue reading

Plunge Protection Team leaving fingerprints on Tuesday’s market moves

There’s something rotten in the markets

On Tuesday morning the Dow futures was down 540 points just before the opening of trading. By 10:30 am the Dow index was miraculously down 3 points.

Over the course of the trading day the Dow moved 1,167. That type of volatility you only see on bitcoin. The index closed up 567 points, but the strange indicator on the Street was that the e-mini futures for the Dow were +920 at the close. These two numbers are normally in the same range and not 360 point difference.

Wednesday morning saw the e-mini futures down 250 points at 6 AM and improve to -86 points at 7:30 AM.

However, looking at the markets — including dollar strength, precious metals and bitcoin — it looks like there is much forced selling by funds that have to liquidate assets before announcing the fund is closing.

I wrote yesterday about the VIX index, which for much of the Trump presidency hovered around 10 suddenly exploded to over 50 on Friday.

I still believe the trigger for Friday’s 666 point decline was the release of the FISA memo by the House of Representatives committee. The idea of corruption and felonious behavior at the top of the Obama Administration  was hinted by all the congressmen who had read the memo.

So once the VIX started to rise on Friday, the funds that we caught short on the VIX had to liquidate other assets to cover the options contract. This selling cascade poured into Monday’s trading.

As I wrote yesterday, there were forces in the stock market futures to bolster Tuesday’s market open after Monday closed down over 1,000 points. My colleague John Crudele and I both see the Plunge Protection Team had a hand in bolstering Tuesday’s open.