NYC Democratic pols trying to ignite riots over Neely case

The death of Jordan Neely, while tragic, shows how awful and dangerous the NYC subways can be for riders and now perps.

Straphangers on the subways are all on a constant swiveling their head to what danger may be coming into their lives at any given moment.

If you appear weak and vulnerable you will be more likely to become a victim. I have witnessed this recently. However, its more than likely no one in the subway car will come to your defense.

This young Marine bucked that trend and came to the aid of harassed riders.

Of course our bomb-throwing Democratic politicians came out with comments to induce riots not meaningful change to protect riders.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez posted on Twitter that “Jordan Neely was murdered” and that because the dead man was homeless nobody cared what happened to him.

And there were others who you will never see on the subway unless it’s a photo op. Rep. Jamaal Bowman tweeted out that “Black men seem to always be choked to death . . . Jordan Neely did not have to die. It’s as simple as that . . . Yet we have another black man publicly executed.”

And this from Rep. Ayanna Pressley on Twitter as well, “Black men deserve to grow old — not be lynched on a Subway.”

It’s odd that all of these politicians where mum when roughly two dozen innocent subway riders were killed on the trains or platforms over the last two years.

As a quick aside, The NYC Medical Examiner determined that Neely was strangled. What was the medical reason given? Did Neely have a broken hyoid bone? Did Neely have bulging bloodshot eyes?

Because we know in another famous case that having those conditions could be called a suicide.

None of the politicians tweeting about Neely care to mention that he had 42 arrests between 2013 and 2021, including four for assault. A warrant was out for his arrest (for assaulting a 67-year-old woman) at the time of his death.

As Mayor Eric Adams said, “Let’s let the DA conduct his investigation with the law enforcement officials . . . I’m going to be responsible and allow them to do their job and allow them to determine exactly what happened here.”

Let’s hope this is a one off and that the subways don’t devolve into Bernie Goetz time again.