It’s time for Donald Trump to step aside

It pains me to write this, but it is time for ex-President Donald Trump to leave the building.

While he envisions himself as self-appointed king maker, Trump is alienating many conservative voters as well as independents.

He cannot be a unifying candidate in 2024 and therefore is hurting, not helping our cause.

Whether or not he campaigns for other Republicans or not, he has become persona non grata for any right-leaning politician in the country.

Through his own words and actions leading up to and after the midterm elections he has shown a bitter outlook for Republicans.

Now the question is can Gov. Ron DeSantis convert MAGA voters to his side?

That will be the real question for 2024. All we can ask is for Trump to step to the side and endorse DeSantis. That’s a big ask for someone so engrossed in his own ego.

Trump must know that the right is about to say “You’re Fired.”

Whether he accepts that is the big question.