9/11 — 17 years ago, or 6,209 days. Revelations to drop?

Today is 9/11 and being a Queens, NY, Irish Catholic I knew so many good people who perished that day in lower Manhattan. People who simply got up, showered, went to work, never to come home.

My neighbor across the street growing up. A former girlfriend’s brother, a high school classmate’s father, the newlywed husband of my son’s teacher, countless firemen I knew.

People from all different parts of my life gone. The churches in the suburbs around New York were having funerals everyday for months — some with empty coffins.

This all happen 17 years ago — 6209 days ago¬† add up the days and you get 17 — but it is still fresh in my mind.

So why is 17 popping up on this anniversary? Q is the 17th letter in the alphabet.

Will there be a revelation coming today? A news drop to shed light on this horrific event?

I can’t say for sure, but I will be monitoring, looking for a crumb to help me say these people did not die in vain. That the real perpetrators will be charged and convicted.



Four questions on the 14th anniversary

It’s September 11th, the 14th anniversary of the attack. I have no answers for this column, I just have questions.

  1. What brought down WTC 7 some 8 hours after the planes hit the tower?
  2. What hit the Pentagon?
  3. Why did “The Pile” burn for 6 months afterward if 90% of the contents of the buildings evaporated into dust on the day of the attack?
  4. In a “follow the money” scenario, who gained from the 9/11 attacks?

May all the souls lost on that dreadful day rest in peace.

9/11: My Take

Now that the “festivities” are complete with three-day extravagaza finished, I would like to offer my comments on the day some 10-years ago.

First, I lost three people I knew very well and I grieve for all the families that lost loved ones.

I have three questions that do not seem to have answers in any investigations.

One, how did the towers come down? Office furniture, paper, wallboard and carpet do not burn hot enough to melt steel. Jet fuel does not as well, and was only burning the first minute, which then set off the building contents. Jet fuel explodes it does not have a slow burn.

Second, where did the towers go? When they collapsed they formed a ten-story pile, there was far more matter making up the building than what was in the pile? What was the dust that covered Manhattan? Pulverized concrete? How does that much concrete get pulverized? Any demolition creates some dust but not on the scale we endured ten years ago.

Lastly, where was the tail section and wings outside The Pentagon? They say it was a plane yet the hole in the building suggested a missile, no marks where wings created damage to building and no plane parts on the lawn.

I do not know who is responsible for this act, however I do not believe the official story.

These are three basic questions, which should have an abundance of proof in the reports on the “attack” and yet I have found no answers.

I thank you for your indulgence on this.

January: Looking Ahead, Looking Behind


Looking back January saw the Dow index loose 3.5 percent. Other equity markets were down about the same.Commodities including gold were up slightly, thereby being a good hedge for capital preservation.

January also has a correlation for year-long market trends. I believe 3.5 percent decline for 2010 will be a rosy number by the time we get December.

January also marked the end of the global central banks doing currency swaps, which shows why the markets are moving higher this week on dollar weakness. This dollar/stock correlation will disconnect as the European Union begins to shudder over PIIGS debt load.

January’s unemployment number will be -150,000 if the Bureau of Labor Stats takes it normal tact of using the death side of its Birth/Death model for new businesses. Despite what the pundits say, January is one of two months of the year where the BLS deducts some of the phantom jobs it has guessed were created by small businesses but cannot find.

The unemployment rate will probably stay static at about 10.1 percent, because this number uses the household survey number, which shows further joblessness but we just move other people further down the reporting pipeline to keep that rate number flat since that is the headline. This is why the U6 number is closer to 23 percent because it holds all people who are on extended claims, have taken a part-time job or have left the job market.


This week we had Irani President Imalatefordinner or whatever his name is state that the world will take notice on 2/11/10.

Now we had 9/11 and we had the 7/11 London bombing, the 4/11 Madrid bombing, the 7/11 Bombay train bombing and the 10/11 Bali bombing. Not quite sure if there is a connection, but it certainly is a trend. Anyone have any ideas?

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