Using Q-Anon madness for a murder defense

It is very odd that the family a Staten Island murder suspect choose a well-known, high-priced downtown Manhattan criminal defense attorney unless they took the ferry over and just happen to walk up Broadway.

However, Robert C. Gottlieb will represent Anthony Comello, 24, who allegedly killed Francesco (Franky Boy) Cali — a made member of the Gambino crime family — on March 13 outside his Todt Hill home.

What gives this case additional exposure is that Gottlieb plans to use a defense of not guilty by reason of mental defect, because Comello became deluded by following a Q-Anon internet bulletin board, according to court filings in the case.

Gottlieb alleges his client was there to make a citizen’s arrest of Cali because he was a member of the deep state before things went bad and he shot and killed Cali.

Now Gottlieb a prominent Democrat, who once ran for Suffolk County District Attorney, plans to muddy the waters with a defense and motive that most jurors will not understand. However it will allow him to bring up President Trump’s name many times and link it to “a conspiracy theory.”

This case will fall under the rubric if you have no defense then make it a circus and you never know what a jury will do.

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