Both Powell and Q-Anon on hot seats

New Fed chief Jay Powell ends his first two-day meeting with a press conference Wednesday.

The market has a 90% expectation for a 0.25% rise in Fed Funds Rate to 1.5%-1.25% range. More importantly is Powell’s comments on the economy. Since the Fed is the 800-lbs gorilla in the government bond market, I don’t expect anything sensational coming from his comments.

Any policy changes will be on the edges as traders parse the statement for future moves.

The key to the statement is whether there would be 3 or 4 hikes this year. Powell in Congressional testimony has been perhaps overly optimistic on the economy.

I am on the record saying there will only be this hike for 2018, as Corporate America is addicted to cheap money to pump up share prices by borrowing cash to fund stock buybacks.

The steeping of yield curve — while very good for bank profits if they ramp up lending — increases current borrowing costs at a time of greater issuance to fund corporate tax breaks.

The Austin, Texas bomber killed himself in an explosion this Wednesday morning after a shootout with the police and FBI.

Interesting Q-Anon posted last night that the FBI opened a file on the entity because of the use of BOOMs in his posts and a possible connection to the bomber.

Q-Anon says it’s a ruse to cut off communications, but it will fail.


Q-Anon told of McCabe’s firing weeks ago. Look out Mueller and Rosenstein

As I wrote yesterday this Q-Anon entity is very interesting in its ability to foreshadow the future. The posts two weeks ago laid out much of what we see today in the news.

While Monday’s news below was unsettling, there is another shoe to drop dealing with Robert Mueller. Continue reading

Q-Anon’s bona fides with FISA abuse memo

Well I’m back after spinal surgery, although I should not operate heavy machinery, so I’ll write this post on an iPad.

Having the post-surgery time to just rest and research was very precious. I dove into the topic of Q-Anon, which is a military intelligence entity that posts on 4Chan and other esoteric bulletin boards.

The Anon part stands for anonymous so the true identity of the person or group is unknown but its access to White House has been demonstrated many times through photos as well as posting messages with identical phrases before the Trump Administration texts.

With those bona fides established, I feel some of this activity can give us some real insight into what is going on in the White House.

The latest position to verify Q-Anon’s position was writing about the FISA abuse memo prior to its release. Before Congress was to allowed to see the four-page Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act abuses outline showing how Democratic players perverted the Constitution during the 12016 election process and afterward on the president-elect, Q-Anon was pointing to this information as very important and would change the game.

It remains to be seen if the memo will be released to the public — it is up to Congress to allow for its release.

I believe there will be plenty of other important news events to come from Q-Anon.

Since last Wednesday morning when I went under the knife, bitcoin has gyrated between $10,650 and is printing a $11,090.

So the reigning in of bitcoin volatility has been continuing in its effectiveness. However the crypto news over the last three days shows there is still price resiliency.

The Coincheck hacking and moves against it from the Japanese government should have taken bitcoin down below its $10,000 price support.

So, let’s see if the price moves higher Monday since it was not hit so hard over the weekend.

My thoughts on Q-Anon and Golden Globes

While I was off last week on vacation, I took to researching Q-Anon, which is a handle for a perceived Trump Administration insider posting on the 4Chan and 8Chan bulletin chat boards.

It appears to many aware of this account that it comes from individual(s) close to the White House because of verified photos posted that were taken on board Air Force 1.

There are many — call them hits — that have been cryptic mentions on these bulletin boards under the name Q-Anon, which is the nomenclature of the site, that have come to be in the following weeks after posting, including the writing about the presidential order last month on cracking down on human trafficking by going after the money behind it.

I’m still not so sure about this, but there are many followers who are deciphering every detail of the posts to gleam a look into the immediate future.

That being said the latest posts appear to have the Clinton’s and Huma Abedin being probed in a new investigation over the foundation. As well as some news regarding the recent California wildfires in both the San Fransisco Bay area and Los Angeles area.

Not sure if anything will come of these posts, but if recent history is a guide, we could see more headlines coming up.

Reading accounts of Sunday night’s Golden Globe awards (because I could never bring myself to watch), I could not get past the irony of the whole night.

While last year’s event was all about bashing President-elect Trump and how they had to band together to battle the incoming administration.

Well this year’s event — marked by most actors and actresses wearing black —¬† was to protest the pervasive acts of sexual harassment within Hollywood.

However, who were the perpetrators of these horrendous acts? Hollywood’s biggest Democratic supports.

These actresses saw the enemy and it is them and for many they remained quiet for years because of the culture that perpetrated sex, silence and obedience to the Democratic party in order to work.

So now, the women of Hollywood have banded together to enforce change. I hope it goes well, but perhaps they should look to the allegiances with their political party that allowed this to go on for so long and did nothing but take their money.