America needs to pull out of Winter Olympics

Please let the American winter Olympic teams do the same as the NHL and not go to China for the games early next year.

This is not the 1936 Berlin games where American great Jesse Owens showed Adolf Hitler what his Aryan race is up against.

No, this about giving further accreditation to a communist government that released a killer virus on the world and refused to even take the blame by covering up the evidence. This is the same country that imprisons and kills minority peoples in the name of cultural purity.

I understand we are politicizing sports and holding our athletes hostage over this situation, however if we attend the games in Beijing we are complicit in that reign’s brutal treatment of millions of people inside of China.

Will China invade Taiwan if the USA boycotts the Olympics? I bring you back to the Berlin games where Hitler & Co. pretended to be nice and right after the games ended began invading eastern Europe. It really doesn’t matter.

China’s economy is devastated by its own housing crisis. Hundreds of thousands “middle class” Chinese (I use air quotes because most of these people make less than $5 a day, yet they were called somewhat rich by Chinese standards) have lost their “forced investment” in building entire new cities where no one bought property.

It was the newest great leap forward, however that leap was off a cliff, and now the Chinese government needs to “save face” with the Winter Olympics or else.

This is all about a bad government and not the Chinese people, who — up to now — remain hostages to a radical government hellbent on destroying America on so many levels.

Tell me the Chinese government does not know who makes fentanyl, which is now the leading killer of US males between 18 and 45, with some 41,587 deaths in 2021, according to the Centers for Disease Control’s new study.

The new data states that one person dies from an overdose every 8.5 minutes at the hands of Chinese manufacturers making the cheap opioid.

If you don’t think we are at war with China already think about the 800,000+ American CoVid deaths and then add 41,587 ODs in 2021 and imagine all those coffins flying into Dover, Delaware Airbase to be placed in military cemeteries each year.

No there is no way we should be aiding and abetting China’s totalitarian government in its window dressing on the world. Boycott the Winter Olympics and let the reindeer games start.

America used to stand as the beacon of light for the rest of the world. We need to clean that beacon’s glass so it shines bright again.