Bitcoin battles the Barbarians at the gate

What to make of the weekend carnage and recovery of bitcoin?

If I dare to make the comparison of bitcoin as the blue chip of cryptos, then I open myself up to criticism from the Initial Coin Offerings and block chain proponents. Continue reading


Bitcoin’s Weekend At Bernie

It appears bitcoin survived its latest Weekend At Bernie’s price hit as the crypto plunged 30% to below $5,600 on its fifth 20% or more pullback this year.

On the hand bitcoin cash soared 400% off of Friday’s price to hit $2,450 for its high, briefly surpassing¬† Ethereum as the second largest market cap cryptocurrency before its pullback. Continue reading

Bitcoin & other cryptos soar on North Korean hostilities

Asian investors have been driving the bitcoin price to all-time highs over the last few days on fears North Korea will provoke regional hostilities with its missile launch actions.

Bitcoin hit $4,705 overnight Wednesday morning with Japan and South Korea investors binge buying the cryptocurrency. For August the price has risen 70% despite the technical split within the crypto community over the handling of blockchain, which is the underlying code enabling the digital currency to function as it does. For 2017, bitcoin has soared roughly 450%.

Bitcoin cash, which is the new crypto that forked off of bitcoin in the beginning of this month, is trading around $575. The alternative version of bitcoin is still up about 170 percent from a debut low of $210 on Aug. 1.

Another digital currency, ethereum, climbed nearly 5 percent Tuesday, to around $364. Ethereum is up more than 4,400 percent this year and has gained nearly 79 percent this month.