Wall St. may have the green light for bitcoin

The technicals on bitcoin appear to be shifting slightly after a brutal January.

“If you see the trend line over the first month, a 40% correction was baked in,” said one hedge fund analyst. Continue reading


BTC’s recent head & shoulders could move the price higher

Bitcoin seems to have put in a decent floor at around $12,500 over the last month.

The cryptocurrency has bounced significantly off that mark three times, while moving higher recently after the holidays. Continue reading

Bitcoin futures are the future

Bitcoin survived its initial institutional confrontation Sunday night as the crypto’s spot price jumped $1,500 on the open of futures pricing on the CBOE.

The fear among some bitcoin holders was that the cash settlement futures contract would allow for large shorts to come into the market starting 6 PM Sunday night in New York. Continue reading

Futures trading will temper $1K gap on bitcoin

The thousand dollar bitcoin climb continued Wednesday as the crypto moved over $12,000 with its own $1,000+ trading move.

On Thanksgiving Day the conversation around the table was most people asking what bitcoin was and how do you get involved. The price was around $8,600 and that feels like it was a few days ago. Continue reading