President Trump takes on No Name

As we see below President Trump went on a rant on Sen. John McCain over his betrayal of pushing the fake Russian Dossier to DOJ and FBI chiefs in order to give it allegedly bi-partisan support.

Former senior FBI counterintelligence chief Bill Priestap confirmed he received a copy of the first 33 pages of the dossier in December 2016 from McCain, according to a report on Fox News. However, according to POTUS tweet, McCain was circulating the dossier in Oct. 2016 to media outlets. Think BuzzFeed and Washington Post.

So it was indeed (just proven in court papers) “last in his class” (Annapolis) John McCain that sent the Fake Dossier to the FBI and Media hoping to have it printed BEFORE the Election. He & the Dems, working together, failed (as usual). Even the Fake News refused this garbage!

Trump’s animosity for No Name as he puts it, goes back further with McCain voting against repeal and replace of ObmamCare. It could be said that the now deceased Arizona pol was the poster boy for the term RINO — Republican In Name Only.
That said there have also been drops of McCain’s mysterious dealings with Syrian and Irani arms dealers. Photos of him in friendly meeting with Al Qaeda and ISIS members at the same time they were deemed enemies of the US.
Certainly there are possible treason or sedition charges resulting from the two-year campaign to undermine Trump’s presidency as well as the lead up to the election with the spying by the Obama White House on a presidential candidate/president-elect.
More to come on this.

BuzzFeed to slash 250 staff

BuzzFeed is looking to layoff 250 people or 15% of its staff, according to a report in The Wall Street Journal.

The drastic slashing of staff  by the digital site is said to get expenses inline with revenue. While it is probably too early to attribute to the revenue shortfall to the debunked “exclusive” the native publisher ran last Friday.

The site’s alleged “bombshell” that President Trump’s told his one-time lawyer to lie to Congress on whether Trump was building a skyscraper in Moscow.

It’s unclear at this time if advertisers have pulled their ads over the egregious story and management and the site’s investors are being proactive or cautious to future revenue declines because of the story.

Stay tuned.


Horrible MLK weekend for Trump derangement syndrome media

It was some Martin Luther King, Jr. three-day weekend for the liberal press.

It really was more like a three-ring circus featuring the Trump derangement syndrome players.

Starting out Friday with the BuzzFeed debacle on the “blockbuster” report that Trump told his ex-lawyer Michael Cohen to lie Congress about his plan to build a hotel in Moscow, Russia.

Now why would the President tell his lawyer — no matter how incompetent he is — to lie about something that was lawful?

The reporting was so shoddy, biased and wrong that Special Counsel Robert Mueller — who never speaks about anything Russian — refuted the report on Friday night.

“BuzzFeed’s description of specific statements to the Special Counsel’s Office, and characterization of documents and testimony obtained by this office, regarding Michael Cohen’s Congressional testimony are not accurate,” Mueller spokesman Peter Carr said in a statement.

That statement did not stop any of the reporting by left-leaning news organizations from reporting on the alleged story they just prefaced their remarks with, “If the BuzzFeed story is true, then the president …”

Well by Saturday early evening the “news” organizations found a video clip that allowed them to move their TDS to something they were sure was right.

Kentucky teenagers wearing MAGA hats evilly confronted a Native American man in front of the Lincoln Memorial in DC.

The teen, Nick Sandmann, a Covington Catholic High School junior in Kentucky was besmirched and as President Trump said, “smeared” by the media.

Sandmann was vilified on social media as being the face of white privilege triggering such outrageous reactions calling for him to be smacked down and punched, which was the milder reactions.

No “journalist” looked at the longer video that the infamous clip was taken from to back check the story. No his facial expression told the media everything it needed to know. It confirmed all their biases.

These teens were under verbal assault from two groups for over an hour while waiting for their bus. But why play the part of the video that shoots down your great story.

Lastly, is the post I made Monday on ex-Democratic National Committee chief Donna Brazile’s tweet on Nancy Pelosi soon to become president.

shortly thereafter
is underway

How is this appropriate? To state that the president and vice president may “shortly” be out of office, so Pelosi becomes president. This does not mean impeachment by any stretch. Mike Pence is never mentioned in that regard. No this means something far more sinister.

Well it certainly was not a good weekend for the Trump derangement syndrome media and its cohorts. A three-ring circus working without a net.


NYT’s Watkins may have had her own insurance policy, unredacted Page FISA images

It appears there is already a unredacted copy of the Carter Page FISA application sitting on a New York Times newsroom server courtesy of former Washington bureau reporter Ali Watkins, according to a recent report.

Watkins, 26, you may remember was the ex-Buzzfeed, ex-Huff-Po, ex-Politico reporter, who has admitted to having a three-year affair with James Wolfe, a high-ranking aide on the Senate Intelligence Committee. Wolfe, 58, was charged with lying to the FBI during its Intelligence committee leak probe

Ali Watkins

During this time Watkins was a finalist for a Pulitzer prize for her writing on the intelligence community.

As part of the leak probe Watkins, then working for the New York Times had her emails and other correspondences with Wolfe seized as part of the investigation.

Federal prosecutors have a very high bar to hurdle in order for a grand jury to subpoena a reporters phone and text messages, which the Intelligence leak probe accomplished. Watkins did not inform the Times of this subpoena until the paper was about to write about Wolfe being charged, some months later on advice from her lawyer.

As part of that investigation, it is alleged by the blog site The Conservative Treehouse, that Wolfe sent Watkins 82 images of the 83-page Page FISA application. One page was blank in the document.

Is this the reason Watkins was only reassigned by the Times after confessing to sleeping with a source?

Did the Times want to hold on to the images or was it as Executive Editor Dean Baquet said at the time, “I also believe that The Times must be a humane place that can allow for second chances when there are mitigating circumstances.”

The “mitigating circumstances” may very well be the unredacted FISA application images.

The second chance alluded to by Baquet  had many in the Times newsroom questioning why she would be kept on staff after admitting to such offenses.

However, Watkins is now writing about bees swarming a hot-dog cart in Times Square, which seems to me to be a stinging rebuke for her journalistic mistakes.

Trump's Tweeter feed needs less Buzz

It’s going to be a long strange trip, these next four years — at the very least.

The immediate press reaction to President-elect Donald Trump’s press conference was classic misdirection.

Listening to CNBC and Bloomberg Radio, the conversation centered on Trump’s Putin/Russian answers, in the context of the BuzzFeed false report.

So he said it was “fake news” but these commentators spoke as if the BuzzFeed article was true and how he failed to provide evidence that he had not contact with Russia.

So it appears the knives will be out for Trump and his policies.

I don’t think Trump helps his cause by calling out some of the news organizations such as CNN as a purveyor of fake news.

This will be cited by the White House after the inauguration as to why POTUS is using Twitter to speak directly to the American people.

Some fights are not worth it, and Trump needs to put this behind him so his administration can move on with the issues at hand.