Fake meat soars on “meatloaf” news

Beyond Meat is beyond its realistic market cap as well.

The fake meat maker’s stock had a run up Monday on news that it would get into the “meatloaf” business by offering their plant-based ground beef at supermarkets such as Whole Foods Market, Ralphs and ShopRite by the end of the month.

Shares in Tuesday’s pre-market hit $200 as the startup soars on a brand new product, which is made of a mixture of pea and mung bean with rice but yet has a meat-like texture.

I can’t help but think of another recently revolutionary company that took the world by storm with a brand new way of doing something old. That company was Theranos.

We shall see, but it’s this year’s feel good stock. Let’s see if it can put some meat on the bone in the way of sales.