No reliable tests means CoVid may be over

These new remarks from the Food and Drug Administration on Tuesday could be the turning point for CoVid-19, although they probably didn’t think of it this way.

The FDA said that the rapid tests on the market may not pick up the Omicron variant that well.

So that leads me to believe that if the Omicron variant is less virulent for most people and it cannot be detected that reliably by tests, well then most people will just go on with their day and not bother with quarantining.

The fact that the US does not have a millions of reliable at-home testing kits on the market by now is almost criminal. How can we be almost three years into this pandemic and people still have to wait on long lines in the cold and then have to wait three days sometimes to get iffy results?

It borders on third-world nation status. Hell, we have more toilet paper in the drug stores than home test kits.

Meanwhile CoVid cases and hospitalizations continue to soar in NYC for the umpteenth time, but the city’s leadership is still pushing the failed vaccine protocol as a solution.

As I wrote earlier it is the definition of insanity to do the same thing over and over and expect a different result.

Here’s a kicker, Gov. Kathy Hochul urged New Yorkers on Tuesday to “make a New Year’s resolution to beat this pandemic in 2022.” Sure as if we can beat it with all these politicians acting like Janus and talking out of both sides of their mouths.

Here’s an idea, how about the politicians stand down from their draconian mandates and start comparing these CoVid positivity test results and hospitalizations to historic flu numbers. Because that is what this will become.

We will have this virus circulating through the population for years to come. The pandemic is over, it is now an endemic.

But of course there is no way any politician will give up their new-found power without a struggle.