President Trump’s election fraud address ghosted by MSM

“This may be the most important speech I’ve ever made,” President Trump said Wednesday about his 45-minute voter fraud presentation.

Trump explained how in key swing states hundreds of thousands of votes came in during the wee hours of November 4, the day after the election. I have wrote about these questionable vote dumps here on Monday. He went on to describe how Republican poll watchers were kept away from monitoring the ballot inspection in these same states along with other nefarious actions including asking who owns Dominion Voting Systems.

Yet there were no stories and no live coverage on major media outlets. How does this happen to a Presidential address? Trump is constitutionally mandated to protect against all enemies foreign or domestic.

On The New York Post website Thursday morning they had a story on the peaceful protest outside Mac’s Public House — the Staten Island bar shutdown by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo after arresting a co-owner — with the click baity headline: “Proud Boys join protest at defiant Staten Island bar closed over COVID-19 violations”.

There were no arrests or damages sustained during the protest. This was a deliberate attempt to show the protest in a bad light. In fact it was so peaceful there were catering tables providing food for the people at the rally.

James O’Keefe of Project Veritas has CNN executives — including CEO Jeff Zucker — squashing the Hunter Biden laptop story as well as Trump coverage on voter fraud. It’s a deliberate decision of the MSM to be in the pocket of Biden. Damn the facts.

These three mentions are the latest examples of MSM biases against Trump, while favoring Joe Biden.