Beware the Ides, Et tu, Q-ute

Thursday was an extremely busy day for drops on the board. I will briefly speak about most of them.

Disgraced FBI agent Peter Strzok’s Capitol Hill testimony was released. Between his and ex-lover Lisa Page, who was a FBI lawyer, we see the “collusion” on their part to frame candidate Trump and spy on President-elect Trump.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s deputy Andrew Weissman leaving after two years of probing Trump and finding nothing.

Rod Rosenstein’s debrief is complete, meaning he will be stepping down very soon.

Attorney General William Barr is very “disgusted” by what he has discovered went on in Obama’s DOJ and FBI against Trump and his campaign. We are told a press conference laying out many of criminal charges will be coming soon.

We learned from Nellie Ohr’s Congressional testimony that she was in fact a CIA agent while working with Christopher Steele on the Russian Dossier for Fusion/GPS.

We have two key executives announcing they are leaving Facebook after arguing with Mark Zuckerberg. The exits of No.3 FB exec and head of WhatsApp comes one day after a global blackout and just days after news breaks of the connection between LifeLog — a DARPA project — and Facebook.

A drop on the mosque shooting in New Zealand where 49 people died said be vigilant. If you see something, say something. The bad actors are looking for a way to change the narrative.

So plenty of news and we are told today is Friday. It’s the Ides of March, so Et tu, Q-ute


What did Facebook purge with Wednesday’s reboot/outage?

On Wednesday Facebook was taken down for “required maintenance.”

The required action comes two days after the connections between Mark Zuckerberg’s deep ties to the Defense Department’s LifeLog surveillance program as I wrote here.

We have seen this all before with other tech communications services after drops have called them out for nefarious actions being taken on the platforms.

Google Mail was taken down the same week it was revealed that ex-FBI Director James Comey, Obama’s AG Loretta Lynch and other DOJ and FBI actors were using the service to talk through a shared e-mail address. The participants were just using drafts without sending the message in order to evade detection by the spy agencies.

The same scenario occurred with Microsoft’s X-Box platform with the same cast and others using the messaging system on the gaming site.

Back to Facebook, we see there are numerous federal probes into the company for violating hundreds of millions of users’ privacy by sharing personal information with governments, advertisers and device makers.There’s still probes into the Cambridge Analytica project during the 2016 presidential campaign as well.

The feds are crawling all over the company for new and older violations. The Securities and Exchange Commission, Federal Trade Commission, Department of Justice and FBI have open probes.

The social media site is girding for perhaps as high as hundreds of billions of dollars in fines from assorted past violations.

So we don’t know what was perhaps purged on this latest Facebook reboot purge on Wednesday, but it appears that federal investigators already have the information they needed.

More Facebook revelations on connections to intelligence community

We are told in the drops that there is plenty of more information on Facebook and its tight connection to the US intelligence community.

Thursday I wrote on the transfer of resources from DARPA to Facebook on the same day in 2004 and the sexy back story created for the social network.

I believe the name Paul Ceglia will come up in the upcoming drops. Ceglia sued Zuckerberg over an alleged majority stake in Facebook. The case is baffling with Ceglia being arrested by federal agents and charged him with fabricating evidence in relation to his suit against Zuckerberg. He fled to Ecuador and was rearrested in 2018 and is awaiting extradition.

The whole case sounded at the time to be so strange and was dismissed by most media as the rantings of a lunatic. But in light of the drops coming I believe Ceglia will play a role.

In August 2018 President Trump tweeted:

“Google has taken advantage of a lot of people…if you look at what is going on at Twitter, look at what is going on in Facebook, they better be careful..Google and Twitter and Facebook, they’re really treading on troubled territory”

Perhaps we will also learn more about the troubled territory as well.

What’s the status of Facebook and DARPA

In the latest drops from early Thursday morning we see a curious connection between Facebook and a Defense Department program called LifeLog.

The LifeLog program run by DARPA, the same agency that brought us the Internet, was an ambitious effort to build a database to track a person existence.

The project was killed on Feb. 4 2004, the exact same day Facebook was founded.

The drops point out, according to Pentagon documents that LifeLog was to be a single place where everything an individual says, sees or does, the phone calls made, the TV shows watched, the magazines read, the plane tickets bought, the e-mail sent and received could be gathered.

Out of this seemingly endless ocean of information, computer scientists would plot distinctive routes in the data, mapping relationships, memories, events and experiences.

The coincidence of this drop coming right after Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg released a company blog post Wednesday stating that the company was going to do a much better job at protecting people’s privacy.

He laid out new initiatives on how encryption would protect the Facebook users from prying eyes of government as well as Facebook.

It’s quite interesting that the Zuckerberg would pick this particular Wednesday to issue this new manifesto, since it appears that they have not done much with privacy since it’s founding in 2004.

In the drops it was also point out that China — implying that they know something about the Pentagon background — does not allow Facebook to operate in the country.

Last night’s postings also pointed out that it would be difficult to get people involved in the LifeLog program if they know it’s from the Pentagon. So what doe you do? You give the new entity (Facebook) a cool back story with an Ivy League pedigree and find a founder with ties to the military-industrial complex to run it.

Nothing I have written above is new information that has not been out there in some publications, however the other program DARPA was running concurrently with LifeLog was leveraged against devices?

Did you know:

  • Do they know it’s been expanded to tap into the microphone of any device for listening and bulk data collection?
  • Do they know it’s been expanded to tap into the GPS router of the device for real-time tracking?
  • Do they know it’s been expanded to tap into the camera function of the device in order to view/record all target designators?

These are some of the travails that could befall you when you upload a status of share a location with your “Friends” at Facebook.

Sheryl will lose out in Facebook’s ‘Berg War’

I don’t think Sheryl Sandberg, whose unofficial title at Facebook was “the adult in the room” to keep CEO Mark Zuckerberg in check, will be at the social media company in 2019.

Given the turmoil in the company as shares have crashed 35% over the last four months, Sandberg will be used as scapegoat for creating all the drama at Facebook and its ties to Democrats.

Facebook directors have to be devising an exit plan for Sandberg, which may play off of her ties to Washington — saying she wants to be involved in 2020 election in some capacity — to ease her out.

The narrative published Monday in the Wall Street Journal that said Zuckerberg is a war and gathered 50 of his top lieutenants to take on the enemy within the company was the first shot in the “Berg War”.

If you believe the narrative, which I don’t, that Zuckerberg was a hacker in a hoodie and Sandberg was brought in to run the day-to-day operations, then the adult in the room brought her Democratic colleagues in the Senior Executive Service from Washington to use the service to further the liberal agenda.

None of the negative spin will be brought up in her exit narrative, unless Sandberg digs in her heels over having to take the rap for the stock carnage and political woes.

Look for Sheryl to lose the Berg War and surrender in mid-December with announcement made on a Friday afternoon to blunt news impact and reaction.

The subsequent stock pop on Sunday night futures market will tell you who the Street backs.