Media’s double standard on whistle blowing

Who can forget the classic Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Becall scene in “To Have And Have Not”.

“You know how to whistle Steve?

Well when is a whistleblower not one?

When he or she is blowing the whistle on ABC News.

ABC News on Thursday blew its own whistle on an ex-employee, who allegedly leaked news anchor Amy Robach’s hot-mike rant on having her Jeffery Epstein story quashed three years ago, prompting CBS News to fire the person.

Disney, which owns ABC, has many connections to the pedophile to accept its journalistic standards defense. And no I do not mean the Jeffrey Epstein that works as a publicist for the company.

Richard Cook, chairman of The Walt Disney Studios, was listed as a passenger on Epstein’s Lolita Express in Feb. 2002 along with Ghislaine Maxwell, investment honcho Glenn Dubin, whose wife once dated Epstein, Sarah Kellen alleged to be an Epstein recruiter of girls and two unidentified females. The flight went from Palm Beach to JFK Airport with a stopover in Albany, Georgia.

Also ABC News lead anchorman George Stephanopoulos was conflicted on the story.

He worked as President Bill Clinton’s communications director at the White House and also reportedly attended a dinner party Epstein threw at his posh mansion to honor Prince Andrew a year after the convicted underage sex trafficker was released from the Palm Beach jail.

Robach in her rant specifically mentioned Clinton And Buckingham Palace as putting pressure on the news network to spike the story. ABC states that they could not second source the story as the reason for not putting it on air.

Let’s remember that both ABC News and CBS News are both withholding the name of Rep. Adam Schiff’s stooge who is blowing smoke up the ass of the country.

Go figure.