Why so little coverage of the Yellow Vest protests?

Busy weekend on the drops with the overarching theme being what is being offered by the media — and what is not — to affect the narrative presented to citizens.

First case in point is the ongoing demonstrations in France with the Yellow Vests. Little coverage in the US of the thousands of people injured over the last month by police while the numbers of protestors grows. There have also been many protester deaths as a result of clashes with the police.

Cars burning near the Eiffel Tower as tens of thousands of French citizens demand changes to the socialist government policies. Why are we not seeing media coverage? Because the French protestors are asking for a halt to open border immigration and other EU initiatives, which are being pushed by unelected bureaucrats in Brussels and elsewhere.

We can hardly have the narrative playing out in the US that people globally abhor open borders while the Democrats push not fund a border wall.

Second case is the funding bill being worked on to keep the government open. The President wants roughly $6B for construction. The Democrats are hard-pressed to provide.

This really is a symbolic fight since the White House already has  the funding through last year’s military spending bill. No this fight is about optics and how far the liberals will take this fight. Will they close the government again over this issue?

Trump took responsibility for the first shutdown last month, however this one will be on the Senate and House liberal Democrats.

Will this lead to a split within their ranks? Perhaps as more centralist House Democrats — fearing a tough election coming up — challenge the far left with digging in their heels on this issue.

Last case is the continuing negative coverage of Q-Anon phenomenon being publicized in the media. The question posed is enlightening. If it is just a conspiracy theory, then why do hundreds of negative stories come up on a Google News search from major news outlets?

Why bother publicizing a fake moment? Why bother telling people not to look at it, if as many articles say, it is a fringe radical movement with a small following?

It falls under the line from “Hamlet” ““The lady [press] doth protest too much, methinks.”


NFL stalls the wall for Super Bowl

I write this with only slightly tongue in cheek, but who is the biggest winner of President Trump and Speaker Pelosi agreeing to stall the wall for three weeks?

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.

The unofficial national holiday of the Super Bowl is scheduled to kick off next Sunday evening in Atlanta and nobody wanted to hear how bad the traveling was to get there.

I kid you not. It was more important to get the TSA back to full force at Hartsfield Airport than fight further over the shutdown.

The travel nightmare was mentioned during last week’s game briefly just to grease the wheels of the NFL lobbyist, who were certainly working the phones and shoe leather with Congressional leadership and the White House all this week.

In three weeks time, we still do not have a spending resolution with border wall funding, then I believe this theory will be confirmed.

That’s how powerful the NFL is.

SOTU situation tells you everything about the state of the union

President Donald Trump despite House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s protestations that he delay the State of the Union address until the government shutdown is resolved appears to be going forward.

The speech is scheduled for next Tuesday Jan. 29 to be given at The Capitol.

Now according to my reading of the House rules, Pelosi must convene a joint session of Congress in order for the President to come into the chamber to deliver the speech.

What would stop Pelosi from calling for a joint session is the main question.

I do not think politically she can bar the President from entering the chamber. That would be too damaging for the Democrats and give the White House the high road by telling the American people that the Dems locked me out of the Capitol.

But we could see some type of national emergency tied to the shutdown as some have posited for canceling the speech.

The cause for a delay in the speech could range from a nationwide food poisoning due to FDA inspectors not being on the job to a state funeral for Ruth Bader Ginsburg and everything in between.

It’s reported that the Trump administration is working on two speeches. One to be given in front of Congress and the other to be held at a rally somewhere outside of Washington.

Will this resolve itself this week with Congress voting on bills to reopen government, I don’t believe that will happen. I think the Senate will stand with the President, just as the House stood with Pelosi in nixing a continuing resolution vote last week where only six House Democrats voted to fund government employee checks through Feb. 26.

The tweet below by Texas Republican Dan Crenshaw has all the details in the House link.

So the drama will play out through the week, but rest assured the Trump administration will not go quietly into the night on Tuesday Jan. 29.

Adding the letter President Trump sent to Speaker Pelosi on Wednesday afternoon calling her bluff on security concerns.

And just as soon as  Speaker Pelosi received President Trump’s letter on Wednesday afternoon she fired off this missive:

“I am writing to inform you that the House of Representatives will not consider a concurrent resolution authorizing the President’s State of the Union address in the House chamber until government has opened.”

I believe the President should give this speech to supporters in front of the wall in Arizona to demonstrate to the American people what he wants to accomplish.

Feel free to invite the Democratic leadership.

Ocasio-Cortez is still running — after DC leadership

What does NY Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez mean for the country?

AOC — as she is known — has what many politicians don’t have: charisma and a plan, albeit a disastrous economic plan.

Her Green New Deal platform aims at eliminating carbon emissions in the US within 12 years and is partly funded by tax rates as high as 70 percent for the nation’s wealthiest.

Her idea of combating climate change with punitive tax rates is well received by the far left, which should not be a surprise, but AOC is not happy to stop there. She has taken to social media to push her idea further into the mainstream.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has her hands full with this freshman congresswoman. How she handles AOC will dictate plenty on AOC’s future. At 29 she is the youngest person ever in the House of Representatives.

Given her drive to chase Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell around Washington on Wednesday to get an audience with him — press in tow — tells you she has far bigger plans for herself than representing just her Brooklyn and Queens NY constituents.

With just days in office AOC has already made a name for herself and her placement on the House Financial Services committee should give her some more TV air time.

While AOC may be the new face of change in Washington, my guess is that some in the Democratic leadership are looking for someone to run against her in less than two years to get this stinging bee out of their bonnet.

However, by the next election rolls around she may already be running for the Senate from NY. Nothing will surprise me when it comes to AOC.