Trump to stump beginning tonight

Well, despite my passion plea yesterday, it appears former President Donald Trump will make his announcement Tuesday night about running for a third consecutive term for president.

Trump will be making the 9 p.m. announcement in Palm Beach, Florida. It was unclear at this point if Trump would do his announcement solo.

There are reports that he is having trouble persuading son-in-law Jared Kushner and daughter Ivanka to be present at the event.

It’s reported that neither one wishes to return to the campaign trail or The White House should Trump win.

In other current election news, Democrat Katie Hobbs on Monday night was projected to beat Trump-backed Republican Kari Lake to be the next governor of Arizona.

Despite it being a week after Election Day, Arizona state officials where still finding ballots to count.

A recent study out of a think-tank in Washington D.C. stated that when ballot counting goes past one day after the vote, Democrats win 80% of those races. The odds of that happening are quite extraordinary.

It is unclear if Lake will as for a recount at this time.

Other Trump-endorsed candidates to lose closely-watched races include Dr. Mehmet Oz in the Pennsylvania Senate race, Blake Masters in the Arizona senate race, Adam Laxalt in the Nevada Senate race and Doug Mastriano in the Pennsylvania governor’s race.

A couple of Trump’s high-profile picks to win their races include JD Vance in the Ohio Senate race and Joe Lombardo in Nevada’s governor’s race.