It’s time to shelve Biden since there is so much room

Welcome to the land of nary.

I went shopping on Thursday and found empty shelves in large regional retail stores.

It’s one thing to hear about scores of cargo ships waiting to unload their wares off the coasts of California and New York. It’s quite another to see empty shelves in grocery stores.

Unfortunately for America President Biden’s Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg is on maternity leave right now since he and his partner adopted a child.

Many of the country’s top food makers are running into supply issues due to labor, commodity, and transportation issues. All of these conditions can be laid on the front door of The White House.

Paying people not to work is the principle reason behind the empty shelves.

Manufacturers are telling large big box retailers that the situation will not correct itself until next spring at best. So what does that mean for your local mom and pop grocery store?

After surviving the Covid-19 pandemic closures and shortages these stores now have to compete again with Amazon for sales.

White House chief of staff Ronald Klain appears to be brushing off the dramatic situation. Klain endorsed a tweet by a Harvard economic professor which said:

“Most of the economic problems we’re facing (inflation, supply chains, etc.) are high class problems. We wouldn’t have had them if the unemployment rate was still 10 percent. We would instead have had a much worse problem,” Jason Furman tweeted.

So the White House believes empty shelves as a “high class problem”.

It’s getting close to the time we should shelve this administration since there will be plenty of room in the stores.