Why does Mayor Adams need to woe black leaders on crime crackdown

Mayor Eric Adams feels the need to to bargain with Al Sharpton in order for the city to get tough on crime.

This is a deal with the devil.

Sharpton is only looking out for Sharpton and not the black community, which is being devastated by crime and shootings. To bow at the altar of his National Action Network is giving him far more power than he deserves.

Organizations like his thrive on race relations being strained. Sharpton may talk a good game, but he would rather keep the status quo to help with his organization’s fund raising.

It was reported that Adams “choked up” when discussing the shooting death of an 18-year-old rapper, Jayquan McKenley aka Chii Wvttz, who was gunned down in the Bedford-Stuyvesant section of Brooklyn last weekend.

I don’t recall anyone reporting that Adams “choked up” talking about the two NYPD officers who were recently murdered in Harlem.

Adams needs to get a lot tougher on crime or he risks losing the city. As one NYPD official put it this week, “he (Adams) better come up with a plan or the city will be lost by St. Patrick’s Day.”

The fact that Adams feels he needs to allow Sharpton into the conversation on gun violence and bail reform tells me that nothing will be done anytime soon to curb the soaring rate of crime in New York City.

If you profit from chaos, then why would you want law and order? If you profit from strained race relations, then why would you want unity?

I guess the deeper question is if crime and gun violence is devastating the black community, then why do you have to get Sharpton or Hazel Dukes of the NAACP on board with your new initiatives?

Should it not be their goal to back any plan that will help these communities?

I guess not unless there is funding available for their organizations.