Did Epstein’s Florida plea agreement have Bush’s OK?

My apologies dear readers for no posts on Friday. I lost my Internet connection for much of the day. All appears well now.

Labor Department Secretary Alexander Acosta resigned Friday amid mounting pressure for his handling of the Jeffery Epstein sex-abuse case while he was the federal prosecutor back in 2007.

Acosta then led the US attorney’s office in Miami and entered into federal nonprosecution agreement with Epstein’s lawyers that allowed the defendant to plead guilty to lesser state charges in the case.

However there is the aspect to the case that no one is talking about including Acosta. Surely Acosta must have received direction for then-Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales on this matter.I cannot fathom that a US attorney would not consult with his boss on the matter given the leniency Epstein received.

Don’t forget also that while this plea agreement was being worked out in 2006 President George W. Bush’s brother Jeb was the Governor of Florida. So the connections to the White House are strong.

Perhaps this aspect of the case is yet to come out. We shall see.