Epstein’s mysterious murderer will never be known

Let me get my crystal ball out and see what’s coming up.

A leak out of the NYC Medical Examiner’s off suggests that given the injuries sustained by convicted sex trafficker Jeffery Epstein indicate that there may have been foul play.

The preliminary autopsy results showed he suffered multiple broken bones in his neck, which suggests that he may have been strangulated.

The case for murder is being considered since the discovery of a broken hyoid bone — located near the Adam’s apple — which is not usually found in hanging suicides, according to multiple reports.

Well, we know that there was no video showing the inside of his cell at the Metropolitan Correction Center in lower Manhattan. It has also been reported that the federal lockup’s CCTV of the hallway outside Epstein’s cell malfunctioned.

We also know the guards charged with monitoring Epstein took naps and doctored their shift logs until he turned up dead.

So the alleged mysterious visitor who could have chocked him to death may never be known. Isn’t that convenient.

Since there is no collaboration to finger a strangulation the ME’s office will have to call it a suicide. Look for that news to probably come out on a Friday afternoon to reduce its news impact.

We’ll see.