Dems decide to die on Capitol Hill

Well Nancy, here’s the hill you and the Democratic Party die on. Capitol Hill

You all chose this hill some three years ago.

Nancy, you wanted it to be bipartisan and yet you could not even get all your ducks in a row. Five members just over the divide to say nay on the two Articles of Impeachment and presidential hopeful Tulsi Gabbard just mark her presence on both measures.

You may play chicken with the Senate by withholding the Articles of Impeachment but you are not raising any flag on this hill, no there is no glory in any part of this procedure.

Why else would Adam Schiff, Jerry Nadler nor yourself face any scrutiny from Republicans when it came time to justify your actions by answering Republican questions.

Thankfully Nadler’s wife made a quick recovery for him to show up today.

This upcoming November will see the House swing convincingly to the Republicans as America pays you back for the great harm you and your comrades have inflicted on America.