Trump eyeing military options — not tariffs — at Mexican border

As President Trump arrived in London overnight to shake up the sense and sensibilities of the Brits, I’ve heard from sources that another international operation could be going into effect very soon.

When Trump announced implementation of Mexican tariffs late last week he was firing a salvo at President Andrés Manuel López Obrador to get his act together at the border or else. And this has nothing to do with trade.

The White House through diplomatic channels is telling Mexico to exert its military power over the drug cartels, which control vast areas of the border, or American troops will.

Could you call it an invasion? Not if the Mexican president throws up his hands and says he has no power over the cartels privately.

While Mexican military and state police guard the larger border crossings, thousands of miles of open border are left unmanned giving the cartels open rule in these areas. The cartels either buy off or kill the local police and beginning running drug smuggling and human trafficking operations without any intervention.

The plan is to have US military personnel operate cross-border incursions to take out these illegal operators using intelligence gather from the Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán trail and from DEA agents working at the border.

These are the talks going on right now with Mexican representatives who rushed to DC to begin negotiations with US authorities over the weekend to stop this standoff.