It’s time for the President to ‘invade’ Mexico

At some point President Trump has to admit that the Mexican government has lost its sovereignty when it comes to the drug cartels and our southern border.

No wall — by itself — can protect the lives of Americans.

And now it is time for US armed forces to be invited by the Mexican government to cross the border and eradicate these subhuman predators.

I say this as nine Americans — three mothers and six children — were massacred by these murdering band of thugs on Monday.

Just last month Mexican officials cowardly retreated from arresting ex drug kingpin Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán’s son because they were out gunned by these henchmen. There is no law in northern Mexico except for the drug cartel’s perverted survival of the fittest.

These monsters have been shipping huge amounts of Chinese fentanyl into the US that can only be described as weapons of mass destruction as it kills thousands of Americans each month.

We have the intelligence of who these cartel members are. We have ample evidence that the Mexican government is incapable of eradicating this plague.

It’s time to send in the US military for a month to help the good Mexican people living under this tyranny and to protect the lives of thousands of US citizens — many who are Mormans — from these monsters.

We can build the wall, but we have to kill them all. Many American and Mexican lives depend on it.