Joe Rogan must be over the target to get this much flack

I have to laugh at all the hand wringing by the mainstream media pundits over Joe Rogan.

The cable nitwits want Rogan cancelled by Spotify because his podcast is so much more popular than their anemic ratings. Rogan for those not aware has had medical experts including Dr. Robert Malone, one of the inventors of the vaccine type used by two manufacturers of the CoVid-19 jab.

While talking with Dr. Malone, in came out that he did not agree that the mRNA technology was useful in fighting CoVid. Rogan was chastised by the media for having this conversation.

The leftist media from cable news shows to print publications called on Spotify to cancel Rogan and pull down his podcast. These are the same pundits who did not want “The View” to suspend Whoopie Goldberg over her remark about the Holocaust being a white on white crime.

To his credit Spotify CEO, Daniel Ek did not act out as these leftist asked.

I feel jealousy is behind this backlash against Rogan and his long-form discussions with scientists, comedians and other interesting guests you will never see on cable TV or in print.

His podcast gets hundreds of million views each month for a show that usually runs for three hours each and produces three to four shows a week.

So what does the left do if Spotify will not act?

They produce a clip on social media of Rogan using the “N-word” multiple times on the podcast. All of these clips are taken out of context.

To his credit Rogan released a video apologizing for using the word. To Ek’s credit again he is supporting Rogan.

All I can say is you know you are over the target when you take this much flack.

And Rogan right now is the Enola Gay to mainstream media.