NY Democrats waging a civil war

Progressive Democratic Rep. Jamaal Bowman from the Bronx and Westchester, warned of a dire consequences if Republicans take back power after the midterm elections.

In an ironic twist Bowman sees the Republican win as “embolden” far-right extremists and white nationalists who he claims “have been pushing” for “civil war.”

As recent history would suggest Bowman claims the GOP would “impeach President Biden as quickly as possible and they will continue to find ways to impeach him going forward.” 

It all sounds like he is speaking of the 2016 election and what Democrats did to President Donald Trump.

As if he was a oracle, Bowman also said, “It would also embolden Republicans and the far right, and white nationalists across the country to begin to believe that it is their time to not just take power in the House, but the Senate, the White House and statehouses across the country.”

Bowman added, “Our democracy is hanging by a thread, and black and brown people, our lives are in the balance if these people come back into power.” Neglecting to recall that minority unemployment and crime were at historic lows while Trump was in office.

Bowman and other radical progressives like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez allege that the country is headed for a civil war since a majority of Americans despise their ideals when it comes to bail reform and weakened criminal justice.

The fight within the Democratic party can be seen in races for seats in Albany.

Mayor Eric Adams is butting heads with Ocasio-Cortez on the future of the city.

Ocasio-Cortez is putting together a slate of highly progressive candidates to run in the Albany Assembly against fellow Democrats. Adams and his team lashed out at the plan Tuesday by announcing he was endorsing the re-election of Harlem Assemblywoman Inez Dickens, one of the first black lawmakers to call for changes to the current bail law sought by the mayor in Albany.

Ocasio-Cortez is backing housing activist Delsenia Glover in the 70th Assembly District against incumbent Dickens.

Adams also is appearing Tuesday alongside veteran Bronx Assemblyman Michael Benedetto at a Juneteenth event in Co-Op City. He endorsed Benedetto last week.

AOC is backing her former staffer, Jonathan Soto, in the 82nd Assembly District in the northeast Bronx that overlaps with her congressional district.

“We are Democrats! We are not socialists!,” Dickens said emphatically. “AOC and the socialists are trying to take over New York,” after the Adams endorsement.

It looks to me like Bowman got it wrong. If there is a civil war it could begin with the Democratic party here in New York. And you know what the say, a divided house cannot stand.