Will Cuomo give NY’s restaurants and bars a shot in the arm?

Well Sunday is Super Bowl, but the biggest coin toss may come Friday.

The question is will New York Governor Andrew Cuomo allow restaurants and bars in the state to stay open until the end of the game?

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy upped the stakes on Thursday when he raised the state limit to 35 percent occupancy and extended the 10 PM curfew for the game.

Cuomo has announced that NYC restaurants and bars can begin 25 percent indoor dining occupancy next Sunday. As I wrote earlier this week, he should have allowed indoor dining this weekend since the “living room spread” may raise hospitalizations just like we saw during the holiday spike.

The embattled governor, who is facing a Democratic black lash over his handling of nursing home deaths due to Covid-19, could give New York state’s restaurants and bars a much-needed shot in the arm (not talking about vaccines here) by extending the curfew.

Cuomo is scheduled to hold a press conference Friday, let’s hope he huddles up with his advisors and gives New York state’s restaurants and bars a much needed score on Super Sunday.