Cuomo is setting up NYC restaurants for Super (Bowl) failure

I’ve been wanting to write this up since Friday, but other news got in the way.

Governor Andrew Cuomo late last week said NYC indoor dining could open at 25 percent capacity on Valentine’s Day.

Unfortunately, the Super Bowl is being played this Sunday, the 7th. This means that Cuomo is forcing people to gather in living rooms to socialize and watch the final NFL game since it will also end after his 10 PM curfew for outdoor dining.

Now, according to NYS Health Department numbers, “living room spread” is almost 40 times higher than restaurant Covid-19 infections. The precautions that the dining establishments take works, while in-home parties don’t.

Cuomo has nearly separated his shoulder slapping his back in recent press conferences over the fact that he called the holiday hospitalization spike that New Yorkers are now reducing and yet he is creating a worse scenario as friends are forced to gather for the game.

Is he setting up NYC restaurant owners for failure? Will he announce late next week that due to a rise in hospitalizations Gotham will have to pause the restaurant opening?

Listen, NYC restaurants and bars have suffered greatly with estimates of 40 percent never to reopen at all.

Andy give these establishments a Hail Mary this year and let them reopen for this weekend. I am using your data, this not emotional it’s the fact, as you so often like to cite.

It’s not too late. Don’t forget you shut down restaurants and bars the night before St. Patrick’s Day last year. So I think you owe them one this year.

Be a sport. You could actually stop the spread.


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