NFL, Goodell following flawed Hillary campaign

The NFL continues to lose yardage when it comes to TV ratings.

With much of the country mired in single-digit temperatures, many Americans found other things to do instead of watching Roger Goodell’s opening weekend football playoff games. Continue reading


Chair Yellen is no Joe Namath

All I’m going to say is the Fed chair Yellen is no Joe Namath.

On Wednesday in a speech the Fed head said, “Will I say there will never, ever be another financial crisis? No, probably that would be going too far. But I do think we’re much safer and I hope that it will not be in our lifetimes and I don’t believe it will.”

Namath guaranteed the New York Jets would win Super Bowl III and backed it up.

Yellen, who seems to be on the path of bursting asset bubbles with a credit-busting, rate-raising strategy, also said, “asset valuations are somewhat rich if you use some traditional metrics like price earnings ratios, but I wouldn’t try to comment on appropriate valuations, and those ratios ought to depend on long-term interest rates.”

Even if you discount the 2.5% drop in Google yesterday on the huge European regulator’s $2.7 billion fine for skewing its search results, stocks sold off hard on her comments.

Now I’m not one to pandered to ageism, however at 70 years old, Chair Yellen has a different time horizon than the rest of us.

But if the Fed thinks it can burst stocks, art and home asset bubbles by constricting credit in a low inflation environment, then Yellen & Co are looking at a possible deflationary crisis, which they have little in their toolbox to combat.

One can think that the Fed can always lower rates again and expand its balance sheet to fight deflation, but that’s just continuing the boom/bust cycles.


Mr. President, time for an audible on your tax-cutting plan

So Mr. President, where’s the beef?

On the campaign and as President-elect we heard of an ambitious tax reduction plan. Now in office we hear crickets.

I understand you have been in office less than three weeks, this tax cutting plan was a lynch pin to your election and yet the American people have not heard one word about it yet.

Yes strong borders and a good Supreme Court appointee had favorables for you, however America wants its checks and so do the markets.

Taking money from Washington and putting it in the hands of the people is always a stimulus for the economy. Even if the Americans sit on it for a rainy-day fund, the sense of having something to fall back on will spur some spending.

Spending that has been restricted over the last decade by job losses and/or higher medical insurance costs and increased tax bills.

President Trump, you have millions of Americans spending 100’s of millions of dollars over this weekend on chips, dips, suds, wings and steaks to gather and watch the Super Bowl.

Why not throw them a bone to spur the conversation by laying out your tax plan, even if it’s in the broadest of terms?

This way working Americans can get a sense of what’s coming their way.

I believe it’s a tremendous opportunity that should not be fumbled.