Senate questions could impeach these “witnesses”

As a final wrap up to the House impeachment inquiry last week, I was scratching my head over the number of foreign-born participants in the hearing.

Lt. Col Alex Vindman, Fiona Hill and Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch are all naturalized citizens. They were also the most vocal defenders of the Ukrainian status quo.

I have to question their allegiance since all of the witnesses questioned President Trump’s ability to conduct foreign policy, which was to counter long-standing operations towards Ukraine.

As I believe the House will more than likely vote to move the impeachment charges to the Senate for trial, I look forward to hearing more about the motives of these three individuals to fight investigations into corruption.

I would like to hear why there was delays and foot dragging in granting of visas to US investigators. I would also like to know the earlier career positions of some of these individuals and their posts within a George Soros’s foundation. Also I would like to know who was involved with Christopher Steele during the development of the dossier.

Lastly, I believe travel records of all of these people should be scrutinized to determine their involvement in continuation of the Ukrainian status quo of corruption.

I believe the American people will have a much different view of this impeachment as these questions are answered.