Teachers’ union doesn’t follow the science

How many times have I wrote about the teachers’ union and its abuse of school kids?

Way more times than I should have to. Well now a new report alleges that the Biden Administration allowed the teachers’ union to craft it’s policy for bringing kids back to classroom.

A report Wednesday revealed a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) official’s testimony claimed that the agency coordinated with the teachers’ unions — at such an extraordinary level — when the feds crafted its school reopening guidance, despite the agency’s earlier claims that such coordination was routine and nonpolitical.

House Republicans protested that emails between the American Federation of Teachers (AFT), the White House, and the CDC showed that the AFT’s “cozy relationship with the Biden administration’s political leadership at the CDC positioned the union to impose line-by-line edits” to the reopening guidance, despite the CDC’s “past practice to keep draft guidance confidential.”

The mask mandates and home Zoom classes were never about keeping the kids safe. No it was all about the teachers’ union grabbing more power and influence for its own good. Yes the membership could stay home and work, but the school-aged kids suffered greatly.

The report says that the CDC gave the teachers’ union final editing on the guidance before it was released.

Being an editor for many years I know you can redirect the narrative any way you wish with slight changes in the story. This apparently worked well for the teachers’ union.

“Documents and testimony show, however, that CDC Director Rochelle Walensky downplayed the degree to which CDC departed from past practice to allow AFT to affect the policymaking process. In fact, the CDC allowed American Federation of Teachers to insert language into the Operational Guidance that made it more likely schools across the country would remain closed after February 2021,” says the report.

President Biden was rewarding one of his biggest political donors — the teachers’ union — while millions of children suffered from school closures.

“The facts are clear: Biden’s CDC overrode routine practice to allow a radical teachers union that donated millions of dollars to Democrat campaigns to bypass scientific norms and rewrite official agency guidance,” Republican representatives Steve Scalise and James Comer wrote in the scathing report.

“The damaging edits by union bosses effectively kept thousands of schools shuttered across the country, locking millions of children out of their classrooms. The Biden Administration abandoned medical science and replaced it with political science to reward one of their largest donors, harming millions of children in the process. They bypassed the science to put union bosses ahead of children.

“Millions of Americans are still outraged at what these Washington Democrats put their children through, and all because union bosses demanded they keep schools closed longer,” they continued.

“America’s children are suffering, academically and mentally, because of the Biden Administration enabled school closures. Republicans will not rest until we uncover all the facts and hold everyone accountable who was involved in holding back millions of children from having equal opportunity to achieve the American Dream.”

This report is what you can point to years from now when questioning what went wrong with the “kids of CoVid” and why they have deficiencies in their maturity.

As I always say, most teachers are great and should be honored, however the teachers’ union should be abolished. They never have the kids back when it comes to education.