Dems far more fearful of Covid: NYT poll

A house divided cannot stand and neither can a country when it comes to moving past the Covid-19 pandemic.

A full 57% of republicans believe the US is over the virus, while only 4% of democrats believe the same, according to a new poll in the New York Times.

The disparity also shows up in vaccination rates across the country. Counties that voted for Biden last November have an average of 45 percent fully vaccinated, notes the Times, while counties that went for Trump average just 34 percent, according to federal records.

The politicalization of Covid-19 can be seen in many areas. Dems have said they will continue wearing the mask, so as not to be thought of as republican, while the Right wants all businesses to be open, liberals are looking to continue government benefits as they fear a resurgence of the virus in the fall.

In democratically controlled Los Angeles they have re-instituted a mask wearing mandate in response to the new Delta variant. Meanwhile in Mississippi where only 36% of the population has taken the jab, new cases and hospitalizations are at all-time lows.

Where is the truth? Well it is somewhere in the middle when it comes to the pandemic as usual. But let’s see how this plays out for the country as a social experiment.

You all know where I stand on this issue.