Monday’s 5 minutes of dread in NYC

Monday a helicopter crashed onto a building in Midtown Manhattan, right around the corner from my office.

In the first few minutes, when all we knew was an aircraft went into a building, there was flashbacks on all the faces in the newsroom.

Unsure of the motive or the severity of the event, everyone moved to find out what was going on, however the dread was palpable.

As more information came in over the police scanner a huge sigh of relief came over the staff. Very rarely do you have news people enjoy a moment when a story is not as significant as first thought.

With a wink and a nod for the people who worked through 9/11, the newsroom went about the business of gathering the information, knowing that our lives would not be dramatically changed like it did back in September of 2001.

As I wrote last week, part of the new US-Mexico agreement will allow US troops to cross the border in the more remote place to combat the drug cartels smuggling of humans and drugs.

The Mexican President Andrés Lopez through his trade representatives quietly agreed that his federal and state police cannot not maintain a presence along the whole border and if US military personnel cross the border to pursue cartel operatives Lopez’s government will not consider that a breach of its sovereignty.